Tire Storage


Tis' the season! The weather outside is getting frightfully cold and soon enough all of Pittsfield Massachusetts will be ice-skating through our driveways to get into our cars.

Then, as if the garage wasn't filled with enough things, we're forced to make room to store our all season tires when we switch over to our winter/snow tires.

Did you schedule your appointment to change over to your winter/snow tires yet? While many drivers think they don't need to switch, it's the safer alternative, as most winter/snow tires have better traction in the snow and can handle the winters cold, slippery challenges. Even most experienced drivers admit a level of anxiety when driving through the snow, while younger less experienced drivers show a greater concern.

While we do our best to avoid or limit our time driving through the snow, we can't outright cancel things like getting groceries or going to work, as much as we would like to.

Do you have winter/snow tires? If not, no worries! You can Shop Tires here see why Berkshire BMW recommended tires are the right choice. Berkshire BMW will then help store your current tires at our dealership when you purchase and install a set of 4 winter/snow tires! Schedule an Appointment today and we will store your tires for the season so you won't have to worry about them taking up space in your home! See for yourself how Berkshire BMW is Driven To Impress!